bmink = Barna Mink.

I'm from beautiful Central Europe, now residing in beautiful California. I have been a very technical person all my life. After a successful career as a UNIX system programmer, I now work in engineering management. I love animals and am active in animal rescue. I am a rescue dog, -cat and -bird dad; unsurprisingly, most of my art & woodworking is animal themed. To see what I'm up to at any given time, follow me on Instagram.

My process is simple and structured: all of my projects, whether on the artistic or utilitarian end of the spectrum, start out as a design on the computer. (These days my main tools for this are Adobe Illustrator Affinity Designer and SketchUp.) I never “wing it” in the shop; rather, all design decisions, construction details, experimentation, feasibility considerations etc. are worked out on the computer first.

I use a rather minimal set of woodworking tools to accomplish my builds. There’s nothing remarkable about my shop, in fact I suspect most other advanced woodworkers would find it highly lacking. But, this is how I like to work: less is more.

All of my products are made fully by hand and with great care. In other words, my builds take time and I don't rush.

If you have any questions, the best way to contact me is on Instagram. I’m easy to talk to and will gladly discuss a build.

Thanks for your interest and for stopping by!