bmink = Barna Mink.

I'm from beautiful Central Europe, now residing in beautiful California. I've been a very technical person all my life. After a successful career as a UNIX system programmer, I am now working in engineering management. I love animals and am active in animal rescue. I am a rescue dog, -cat and -bird dad; unsurprisingly, most of my art is animal themed. To see what I'm up to at any given time, feel free to follow me on Instagram.

This store is a tiny side-gig with no intention to grow big. I design my art on the computer, after which I use a rather minimal set of woodworking tools to create it out of wood. Most of my products are made to order and all of my products are made by hand and with great care. In other words, my builds take time and I don't rush.

Product descriptions contain the approximate time it will take me from receiving your order to shipping the art, based on my current backlog.

Products that show up as "Sold Out" are products which require a conversation (and potentially a design) before an order can be placed. Please get in touch via Instagram direct message.

Thanks for stopping by!