How to hang your large wood art

Your art comes ready to hang

Your art will come with hanging wire already attached on the back which allows you to safely hang it from a wall. Despite being heavier than canvas-based art, it can be hung from just about any surface, including drywall.


What fastener to use for drywall

For drywall, I recommend 3M Claws (shown in the pictures below). Two, 15 or 25 lbs claws will provide *plenty* of hold so you will never have to worry about the art coming down. They are easy to install, please see YouTube for more on that.


How many fasteners to use

While in many cases one fastener may suffice (especially if you use a fastener that you can drive into a stud), I generally recommend that two fasteners, set about 6-8 in. apart, share the weight of the art:



The wire goes over both fasteners:



Enjoy your new wood art!